Region and Settlement Area

The following articles provide information about the geography and geology of our village and the region it is placed in, the Warburger Börde.

First, the water has to be mentioned as a formative force. Water washed out the large trough. On the bottom of the trough laired marl and clay. They made the removal through the water less resistance than the hard limestone in the edge of the Börde. The many streams and other watercourses washed away the soft Keuper marl, the hard Muschelkalk frame they keep standing. This all happened before the Loess covered the landscape.

Between the people and the character of a region in which they live, there is a correlation. The nature of a landscape acts on the people that are living within. The inhabitants of a region in turn shape the landscape according to the given possibilities, their own needs and the resulting ideas based on their life needs. Reduced to a nutshell, it can be stated: The landscape shapes the people, the people formed or shaped the landscape.