Companies and businesses in Eissen - in alphabetical order and not yet complete.

Bio-Pilze Eulenhof GbR

Eulenhof GbR The Eulenhof GbR is an organically producing mushroom farm founded in 1996, which produces brown mushrooms. 20 employees reap monthly about 12000kg mushrooms by hand, which are then sold directly from the farm, about farmer's markets or organic wholesaler.
Eissen, Stubbig 2
34439 Willebadessen

P: +49-5644-940-14
F: +49-5644-940-16

Biolandhof Engemann

Logo Biolandhof Engemann The Biolandhof Engemann farmed his land since 1987 according to ecological principles and the organic guidelines. Crops are fruits and vegetables, but also cereals, the farm has become known primarily for its strawberries. Moreover, they trade with organically produced raw materials from all over the Federal Republic of Germany and Slovakia.
Eissen, Zum Südholz 11
34439 Willebadessen

P: +49-5644-98-111-0
F: +49-5644-98-111-69

Industrie- und Bauschlosserei Peter Doludda

Logo Peter Doludda Industrial and Metallic Doludda manufactures railings, stairs, porches, and works in the fixtures and machinery business.
Eissen, Agissenstraße 11
34439 Willebadessen

P: +49-5644-1411
F: +49-5644-1681

Jürgens Edelstahltechnik

Jürgens Edelstahltechnik Jürgens Edelstahltechnik is a metal construction company, which has specialized in recent years in the manufacture of stainless steel products.
Eissen, Zum Südholz 5a
34439 Willebadessen

P: +49-5644-9477-800

Motorradhof Saken

Motorrad Hof Saken Logo At the Motorrad Hof Saken GmbH motorcycle, e-bike and quad riders get everything their heart desires. The Sakgen GbR is for over ten years successfully in sales of motor vehicles. The existing company Motorradhof-Saken has been extended by several business areas. New business areas are the Autohof-Saken in Peckelsheim and the Fahrradhof-Saken in Eissen.
Eissen, Agissenstraße 57
34439 Willebadessen

P: +49-5644-946-484
F: +49-5644-946-482

Tischlerei FS Sievers GmbH & Co KG

Sievers Logo The joinery Sievers is characterized by tradition and honest craftsmanship. With great attention to detail and using clean craftsmanship we produce your desired furniture and home furnishings, working exactly to your requirements and providing comprehensive advice.
Eissen, Auf dem Bermeke 8
34439 Willebadessen

P: +49-5644-1210
F: +49-5644-8650